Mindful Purchases, in Both Music & More

Japanese Taiko Drumming

I have been very busy building my plan to my secure hosting of a musical heaven for downloading stuff. And always when I have time I look for inspiration from others by watching what other methods exist out there. As a born to be traveller, and someone who likes to look outside of China, that’s where I usually look. This time I have come across a wonderful example of mindful purchases promoted by a blog called “Kachi” (or 価値 かち) in Japanese. This blog in Japan has been a huge inspiration for me because they have their values which is the very starting point of doing something for musicians such as me. Their idea, which is briefly explained on their about page (also in English), is that by buying products which have a sense of worth in them promotes better buying decisions as well as a even a better quality in life. With less stuff in your hands, and more of the products/goods that you really need, there is more space to live, breath, even have fun!

This worth which is called kachi in Japanese, is everything about sustainability and just being smart. I think a lot of musicians can share this kind of thought so that when you buy something you really do your research to just make that one perfect or perfect enough purchase. But knowing that there are guys like Tim out there who feel so strongly that they have dedicated a part of their lives to blogging about it. Well, that just rocks my world and gives me not only insight but motivation to do something similar.

I guess what it made me think, was how not just musical instruments but also music should be dealt with in the same manner for optimal results. It’s not just about the physical over abundance of stuff in our houses which makes us feel bad. This obsessive collection can extend even to it’s digital form, and especially to physical CDs of course. So how can we have music that has worth in it is somehow even a bigger challenge but a very good one as such. That’s why I am exited to think about different solutions so that my customers could also have a great worth day. Each and every day they visit my secure online shopping site.

Just want to thank Tim from Kachi for all the inspiration for this article. One that will live on for long in search for answers for a sustainable world of music. Something I had never even heard before. So let us lay the foundation of stoned that lead us the way, and the mindful music goes on!!

Greetings from Beijing China to my good friends in Japan!

Wei Tai

Secure Web Hosting for Music Purchases

I know that streaming mediums such as Apple Music and all the other names I cannot even remember have become increasingly popular. But for me, it’s not the ultimate trend but a devision in the way people listen to music. For ages, popular music has been on the surface of everything and in the same way the way people consume music will always have the biggest preference that really dominates. But just like taste in music, there has always been the underground or just a group of people who have a very specific taste in music. Or if I may slightly correct that, those people are usually with the broadest mind in terms of new kinds of stuff. Unlike those who follow the mainstream.

That’s why I wanted to create a website where people can purchase music the “old fashioned way”. Which is to buy and download the songs directly from a website that is working individually. Of course one of the most important things to achieve this is to have a secure web host that gives me a highly secure SSL certificate for cheap. Especially when you are doing things your way, you need to convince people that what you are doing is absolutely secure. Not all web hosts can do that at all, at least if you are on a budget which is the case for many musical artists like me. If you haven’t heard of SSL certificates before, just click on the link and it will explain you everything you need about all the hosting stuff.

Then, there is Bandcamp which is probably the best site for artists like me. Who want to reach that audience who is not interested in streaming. The audience I am looking for will be interested in collecting music and going deep into it. Not just the music, but the artist as well. Not like some pop-star but a genuine human being who is not doing it just for the money.

At least this is my project, so let’s see how it will develop. At least I found the best web host for my needs. I would in fact like to ask my readers, do you think that if you would find a site like mine. Would you trust it? Could you make purchases from it? Would it be secure enough?

Please, let me know in the comments section!

Thank you & Nihao,
Wei Tai from Music Goes On.

Inner Tune, Outer Effect

Listening to Tunes

I often talk about playing music in your head, and how it effects the world. I also wanted to talk about another kind of “trap”, way of thinking that I think one should be careful to avoid. Because I have met so many people that have excellent understanding of music and can appriciate a lot of variety and great songs. That’s all good, but for some reason within such people there are still those who play bad music in their own heads. I have kind of come to the conclusion that is is because they are thinking that music is something outside of them. Maybe not noticing the inner tune that is constantly playing.

Everything has an outward effect, especially when it comes to music. But one must start from the inner in order to make a change and truly penetrate ones being with great tunes. Music has to go on even when you turn off the record player or your iPod. Otherwise the essense of a good tune is not well understood.

That’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about writing this blog. Something I have learned from my fellow Chinese people over the years, is that music has to come from you. I guess to put it in the words of an everyday person.. attitude is important!

Blogging for musical awareness from China, –Wei Tai

The First Beat

Traditional Drums

The first beat of our lives is the drum of our mothers, we listen to it during the whole nine months or so attentively. We grow up with the beat of our mothers heart and it makes us a live. In fact, we are so accustomed to it that this very same heart beat is imprinted in us. We continue to produce it within us, but that’s not enough. Humans are seeking for that first beat of someone else, like the times of being inside the mothers womb.

That’s for me at least, one of the most magical powers of music. Enchanted by different kinds, they all share the same comfort which is difficult to describe in words. Because it is a part of us, it is the first beat.

Wei Tai

Happy new year everyone! <3

Your Ticket to The Musical Acrobatic Show

Live Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Going back to tradition, music is surrounded with so much history, arts as well as memories and feelings that it’s even difficult to grasp the massive scale of it all. That’s why being a historian isn’t going to help you that much in my humble opinion. Instead, a better idea is to make history for yourself. In simple terms, to go through those experiences that have been historically important and make those experiences your own. Not just something you read in the books for example. This will create a natural limit of experience, and make you enjoy the musical space that you like even more.

So let’s take for an example, one of my many historical quests in China. Especially in the capital city of Beijing. Many people would say, that this is the place to experience a lot of ancient and historical aspects of culture, performing arts, music and many others. And those very people are absolutely right, and all you need is a ticket!

Traditionally such tickets could not be be bought by ordinary folk, but nowadays these treats are not limited to the superior casts. In modern day Beijing, all I needed to do is to go to the ticket window with my friends and purchase some Chaoyang Theatre acrobatics show tickets, fresh and cheap too! With such a simple gesture, I had the pass to enter and experience one of the greatest acrobatic acts history has ever created. Also I could be certain, that it contains some very captivating and interesting music as a live orchestra is accompanying the whole thing!

Indeed, it was not the first time I had heard of Chaoyang Theatre since it is a very famous show, not just in the Chinese mainland. But also in surrounding countries, such as Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and occasionally they have toured further to countries such as India. Yet to see them at their best, you really have to visit the Beijing venue which has all the heart and soul put into it.

I think that one of the best features of this theatre spectacle was how the music and the show itself was beautifully blended together. Bringing the audience up and down, with sometimes rough heights.. and at other times, very gentle but effectively. Of course, there was not a lack of amazing feats that would make you go goosebumps in itself. Adding the music to all that buzz was just the spot on the letter i. If I could say something a little critic, is that I wanted to hear more traditional Chinese instruments and less that new electronic stuff. Then again, with the acts and costumes the traditions of China were very well on display.

This really made me think, about how acrobatics is a lot like dancing. Especially with those colourful costumes, it’s hard to imagine anything but a beautiful dance. Choreography is of course an integrate part of the performance, which requires endless hours of dancing school in order to master. Which brings me to the other fact, that the perfection that this show was brought to had all the makings of a Las Vegas spectacle. I am rather careful with my eyes, trying to spot any mistakes or such. But I can guarantee, that there was not one single fall or mistake of any kind throughout the whole thing. Now making mistakes is nothing bad, and even if it would have happened it wouldn’t have made the experience any less. Just the fact, that there were none was somewhat striking.

Since I have seen other acrobatic shows and circus performances in other countries before, where there were mistakes and well. If the stunts are amazing, then it’s all worth it and understandable. But the Chinese would not have any of that! Simply amazing!

To catch the Chaoyang Theatre acrobatic show, head on the the Chaoyang District, show times at 15:15, 17:30, 19:15. Not to be missed and recommended for all music lovers from around the world!

Greetings from Beijing,
Wei Tai

Dancing is Beautiful

Dancing on the Street

Dancing is often associated with music. Or the other way around. This isn’t always the case however, as some people simply dance to create music. Or some, make music in order to create dance. There is one thing however which unites all dance, and all music that there is a certain sense of beauty. I mean, it can be heavy metal or some crazy dance show you are making but still, there is beauty.

Why beauty you ask, because these are just the most beautiful and natural things in life. It takes a kind of inner calling, and letting go in order to be able to do these things. Dance is transformative. Even if you don’t feel like dancing, you hate the music, if you just dance.. even if you fake it, you will make it.

Thinking about life itself as one big dance has had a big impact in my life. A performance of beauty that takes place in every corner of the world.

Let’s dance,
Wei Tai

Downloading Music

Music with Cords

I started kind of late and there are still many that know nothing about downloading Music. Having now well entered into that “world”, it’s incredible to think that there used to be debates about if that was a good thing for music industry or not. It’s not just a good thing, it’s a blessing in many ways.

Do you remember when record shops had those machines that you could listen to CDs easily before purchase? Or some shops even had record players for free use, with great trust to the customer for handling the vinyls carefully. Those were great right. Well, now with the digital music downloads it’s kind of like that except 100 times better.

Even if you buy vinyl, you can shop, discover new music, and then make vinyl purchases after you’ve made your effortless buying decision. That being said, I hope that old record shops never fade away and I think that they won’t. Just bigger shops that sell the latest CDs are going to and that’s how it’s suppose to.

Really my world has been revolutionised, and I have found music that before would be very difficult to find. But it doesn’t go without some technical problems once in a while, which is to say all these different systems available are not that perfect. My latest encounter was rather odd however, as I simply wanted to download an album from iTunes and found that this content was restricted to US only. I still wonder what kind of legal reasons they have for limiting the download of certain albums to North America. Luckily I found this great method about circumventing the hole ordeal, and grabbing all the US only stuff from iTunes I wanted. Turns out you need to verify your US citizenship by a credit card or a gift card that has been bought from the United States. And for that again, the freedom of the internet comes to the rescue as it’s possible to buy those cars online. Just check out the article if you want to learn this precious trick as a lot of tunes seem to be restricted! 😛

So there are these occasional limitations and problems you might encounter. Nothing comes without a price really. The other method is to get a friend who is working hard to find a lot of interesting music on the internet. Then you can just hook up with him and copy the load. What I try to do is to raise awareness so that with a small group of friends we can trade music and benefit from each other.

Digital music here I come! :)

Wei Tai

In Tune With the World

Finding the Tune in China

My deep wish is that I will be able to raise awareness in the world. Especially through music, I think it can have a transforming effect. If only, everyone would make effort into putting some positive tunes into the chaotic and “gone wrong” world we live in today.. it would certainly be a much better place to live. I want to live a life, that I can say to my children that at least I tried. And while trying, it’s best to enjoy good tunes since that’s the foundation of happiness at least for me.

In China, the tune is broken most of the time. Or you could say, stuck to the same song. We need more songs, and of course modern greedy society is not going to provide us with anything that’s of real value. Commercial value is there, and that’s what is driving the modern music industry. However, there is a huge underground emerging.. especially in Beijing of indie musicians that have something to say. So just be aware, because we are coming to make people aware. Because through awareness, there is happiness. And once the lost pieces are put together, Chinese people can see that the goal is the same but methods are different, improved.

Yes, everywant wants to be happy. And being in tune with the world is going to be the only answer!

Be brave,

Wei Tai

Chinese Musical Secret to Happiness

Mao Zedong Music Happiness

As someone Chinese, I feel the need to spread the word about what is really going on in this country. Western news are giving out a gloomy impression to the public, accompanied with a dark and negative sound track. But for those who have perhaps never visited China before, I can tell you what the soundtrack is like within mainland China.

The main theme of that soundtrack is happiness, the thing that most of Chinese care about. Yes, just as anywhere else, the Chinese want to be happy. But even more than their western equivalent, this need is reflected in a much more stronger way within the society. Perhaps because of so many problems, people fight their surroundings by changing themselves.

And a lot of it still circulates around the notorious Mao Zedong. You would think that people start to forget, but they won’t. And one big reason for it, is that he infiltrated the whole country with music. No indie labels, no free thinkers, no new styles of music let a lone controversial lyrics were allowed. All those went to Hong Kong and Taiwan, where you have an amazing culture of music because it was not suppressed.

In the mainland however, there is a big gap missing from in between.. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s they are all made too Chinese. Some say bad taste, but the Chinese say happiness. Those who still sing to those old Mao Zedong songs, without giving any thought as to why or what they are singing. They just want to be happy, with whatever they have. Or more like, whatever they have been giving.

It’s hard to say anything against that isn’t it!

Wei Tai

Peking Opera Musical At Liyuan Theatre in Beijing

Peking Opera Musical At Liyuan Theatre

One of my first loves and the reason I got into musicals was Peking Opera. Namely the one which is performed at the world famous Liyuan Theatre. It’s a Beijing Opera stage, that has been active from 1990. Located inside the famous Qianmen Jianguo Hotel.

The vibrations of these musical as well as after masterpieces, echo themselves as far as Tiananmen Square. It all started in the ancient, Xuanwu District in Beijing. A form of opera that is far more extravagant, far more loud and colourful than it’s Western counterpart. It made me realise, how acting is best combined with music that has an ancient flavour, such as Peking Opera.

They walk a lot about trance in music, a comfortable place to be. But in this particular theatre, the space that the music takes you into, is not that comfortable. Instead, it keeps you on it’s toes, curious and awake. Like a newly born child I felt when I excitedly were following each delicate and considered move of the actors.

I entered into a trance I have never felt before. It is something that cannot be experienced just anywhere, first and foremost one should travel to China. Secondly while there are many Opera theatres in China, of which a large quantity is extremely famous.. still only a handful of theatres can really perform the kind of acts that bring out the best of the tradition at hand. It is not a tradition easy to understand at all, but at Liyuan Theatre which is home to the birthplace of the performing art is probably one of the best to start to observe and understand Peking Opera.

Especially if you fall as keep in Western opera performances, I recommend you head out to China and change your attitude. You can have all the prejudice you want, but nothing will prepare you for the coming experience. In fact, I recommend having prejudices because braking them is something very fun indeed. And I very much believe, that the music in the performance is the most powerful power of them all in breaking all boundaries. In acting as well as internal ones. China should be proud of it’s cultural heritage. I know I am at least.

Wei Tai